Women are known for dressing up. Extra care and attention are always given to the clothing style. And the common behavior of women not knowing what to wear even when the cupboard is filled with 100 dresses is well known. Among all the women wears that one wardrobe which enhances the beauty of a simple style of clothing is a coat. You can wear a simple top and ripped jeans or a simple floral frock and over that wear a coat and the whole style will be changed and one can easily look more elegant and classy.

There are different styles of coats for both men and women. Different coats are for different purposes. Different coats are used for different weather so it’s very important to choose the coats. For example in Summer normal trench coats can be worn depending on the materials it is made of. In rainy seasons raincoats are must. In winter leather jackets and woolen coats are most used coats.

With the passing time, coats are being made keeping the style in mind. Nowadays coats do not mean oversized black heavy cloth. Coats are now part of one’s style. So women prefer colorful and printed coats. Depending on the dress underneath the coat they prefer to match. Generally, it’s kept in mind that coats should be made in such a way that it will look good with whatever one will wear while making coats. Even then sometime in case of colorful and printed coats, it becomes difficult to match up with every kind of dresses but then it goes with many dresses and that’s the beauty of coats. There are many different types of coats like trench coats, swing coats, pea coats, jackets etc but the whole thing changes when the material or fabric which is used is changed.

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