The .io domain is assigned to the British Indian Ocean Territory. Based in the United Kingdom, it’s a domain name registry company. Within the starter world, it is quite a fast growing domain name. Now, when I come to io games, they are quite simple and easy to play. Since .io is a domain, you can probably deduce that the games will be online multiplayer types of games. Normally when playing any kind of online multiplayer or flash based games, the computer will download some sort of resource from the net. However,the .io games are different. They are:

 Easy to indulge

 Quite simple controls

 The games are all MMO(massively multiplayer online) games

 The probability of leveling up your skills are far greater than any other games out there.

Here is a list of the few,most popular .io games available for the year 2017:

I. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you must have heard of this game. is the most among all the io games. The game takes its origin from the famous retro classic, Snake, where the players had to eat food and keep growing the enormous snake until they bit their own tail and the game will be over. takes the same approach but with a twist. Instead of only there are hundreds of snakes playing on one server, and your goal is to get bigger(big surprise!) by eating glowing cell things. You should avoid running into snakes head on and also try to make them crash into you. one a snake has died, all the cells they had eaten will be made available to the other players.

It’s like the cycle of life, where every element in your body returns to nature after you die. is a fun game, something decent enough to pass the time.

II. This game takes a more violent approach to the genre of io games. instead of only eating and getting bigger, this game enables you to shoot pellets at your opponents. To get big you need to it. the more eat, the longer your tail gets, and the more ammo you can hold. Shoot pellets at your enemies and it hits their heads, then they die. As said before, .io games are fun and simple to play. The beginning,seem a bit rough as it seems with all types of games, but compared to others the learning curve is very easy.

III. Don’t let the name fool. The game has nothing to do with cows. It’s a survival game, where you have o mine for resources, create and defend your village, craft items, level up, and build scene better items. The other players will try to kill you. avoid them or kill them is necessary. it’s super simple, interactive and most of all, fun to play. In ways it’s more like Minecraft, but with not that many functionalities.