Here are some of the best hunting binoculars under 500 to pick from because of their benefits, features, and their prices

Nikon Monarch ATB (8×42)

Nikon Monarch ATB 8×42 binocular is one of the few best choices for the majority of customers who are into compact binocualrs.

Many optics experts agree that the Nikon binocular has very good optics and can be almost compared as to some of those luxurious Zeiss’ binoculars.

However, the little annoying lens caps and eyecups are some of the cons however it is a minor one. The binocular is reasonably comfy for users who wear glasses due to its 19.6mm eye support.

The Nikon’s 330-foot field of view and 8.2-foot minimum focus are rated good quality by many experts.

Other specification of the Nikon’s binocular is about 21.5 ounces and other great benefits which are fog-proof and water-proof. The manufacturer provides 25-year warranty and lifetime to “no-fault” repairs for a flat 10 to 15 dollar fee.

Bushnell (7-15×25)

The power-view of the Bushnell 7-15x with its 25mm objective lens binocular is for customers who want to get too close to their object’s view. This compact binocular is one of the best ones for users who are on the go and travel frequently which at the same time provides flexibility of changeable magnifications from 7x too 15x.

Its easiness to adjust the magnification is very convenient to take you from 7x to 15x fairly fast. Its modern and slick design gives the hand a comfortable feeling and the non slip rubber armor provides a controlled grip and impact absorption. The optics is entirely coated to give the user excellent brightness and better light transmission.

Steiner Safari Professional Binoculars (10×26)

This compact binocular has 10x magnification with 26mm objective lens and UV-filtering which reduces light glare coming through the optics that is desired by many users who are on the go and make Safari travel.

Its efficient roof-prism design and 309 feet at 1000 yards field of view makes the binocular in demand. Other specifications such as the ergonomic focus wheel, 11mm eye relief, foldable design and water-proof, and last but not least it offers durable chassis with rubber armor which makes it a good investment.

Zeiss Victory T*FL (8×42)

Many experts consider Zeiss Victory T* FL are the best compact binoculars as they are top of the line product to purchase. Because of the Zeiss’ optics quality the images are clear, superior, and vivid. The ergonomic design of the Zeiss’ binocular is very comfortable for the eyes to use and in general to the face contour which has a nice snug to it.

What makes this binocular so wonderful is part to the lenses that are prepared by using fluorite prism glass to improve color precision and light transmission too. Now listen to this, the field of view at a distance of 405 feet remains first-rate at the same time the focus can be used for close proximity of unbelievable six to seven feet.

Users who have interest in not only watching bird but can also enjoy butterfly watching as well. Other specifications of this marvelous compact binocular is 27.3 ounces weight and its fog-proof and water-proof benefits not to mention is life-time guarantee.

Pentax Papilio 6.5×21

This binocular is light (10.2-ounce) and compact (4.5 x 4.3 in.) that offers very close focus of 20 to 18 inches and can double as a field microscope which why many experts rank it among the best compact binoculars. Its use for birding and hunting is fairly good with a 393 foot field of view.

Another great benefit is its reasonable cost (around $ 100) for its generous features and a warranty that is similar to other equal brands and that is lifetime $20 repairs. The Porro prism binocular design is, however, has insufficient ability to collect light so its use can be somewhat limited to daytime. Also it is not water or fog proof.