Every dog owner wants their dogs to live healthily and eat healthily; they want them to build mass and become active. There are several dog supplements on can give to dogs at a particular time, here are some of them.

K9 Extreme Muscle Tonic

It’s made for hunting, agility and sports dogs; it’s also made for weight pulling and racing dogs. The main reason behind this supplement is to maintain the muscles and also help in the growth of fibre muscles. It makes the nutrients get into the body to boost the growth of organ tissues and muscles. It increases nitrogen in the dog’s body and also burns fat quickly. It can be taken for more than four months.

K9 Creatine 100

Increases the energy in your dog and creates the desire to continue training, it also increases muscle strength and energy and helps the dog to stay for long without getting tired. It also improves the performance of the dog when it comes to running and doing other sports activities. When a dog has an injury or is unwell, it helps in speeding up the healing process.

K9 BCCA 100

Due to the presence of branched amino acids, the dog can perform faster and also have little or no fatigue. Also, they help in burning fat and increasing muscles growth. Regulate stress in the body of the dog and helps in the production of insulin. Creates an anabolic situation that allows muscles to grow.

K9 Triple Flex

Helps in joint movement and also reduces pain that comes after workouts. Can be taken by any dog it doesn’t matter the age or stage it is in, helps in the maintenance of good body posture and healthy bones. Reduces any chance of a dog getting arthritis or cartilage damage. A dog can walk for long with regular intake.

K9 Paw Pad

It is used as a medicine for cuts, sore foot and any injury that occurs on the paw of the dog. It is safe for the dog to lick, it can’t cause any harm, it prevents the dog from getting bleeding and cracks that come from long walks. It has small quantities that anyone can afford.

When buying supplements, make sure you buy the best for your dog and also don’t give them too much, always provide them with the recommended quantity.