And you can see his better-known art style develop over the course, as he does Buck Rogers covers and slowly begins to get work doing more heroic pulpy book art. The later Ace reprint of THE MAD KING (very blue in color) was printed from a quick recreation of the painting because, after borrowing the original painting from Ace, Frazetta didn’t want to give it back (the bluish coloring is because of the photographic printing process).

The follow-up to their over-the-top debut, Frazetta Prints and drummer Steve Bolognese, and as always, Death Dealer is setting out to convert the metal masses to their brand of manly metal. We had declined to participate in the business and now hoped to pressure their father into shutting his museum and selling his originals so they could cash out. He explained that he had not a ski mask for concealment, but a ski cap, whose flap protected his lungs from the cold.

In almost every piece of fantasy and comic art today, one could probably find influence and lineage to Frazetta and like the Beatles influence Death Dealer art on music, Frank’s impact on fantasy and comic art (and art in general) will probably be the well that generations to follow will draw from. They would tell us how they had purchased the book just because of the cover, read the entire book in search of the scene on the cover, and were Frank Frazetta art devastated never to find it. They would go as far as reading the book again, guessing they missed it somewhere, only to never come across it.

The cooperation of the Frazetta family, has been touring Frank Frazetta original art at Comic Con and Frazetta Canvas to continue Frank Frazetta art the wish of Frank Frazetta, a friend and collaborator of Robert’s who always wanted audiences to see his paintings in person. For more information, please visit our site