When it comes to body training, most people tend to overlook their back. This could be hazardous because if not careful enough, some training exercises could end up damaging your back, the part of your body responsible for your posture.

Your posture is really important because it determines the wellness of your backbone and is also responsible for your stature. Always ensure that your back remains straight when performing any kind of exercise to avoid developing poor posture.

Poor postures develop quite invisibly but are easy to notice after full development. Although they can be corrected through proper back training, the best thing to do is to start engaging in a preventive back workout challenge as early as possible.

There is always room for improvement for everyone, posture-wise. Continuously engaging in a really great back challenge has worked for many. It continues to improve your posture over time.

The good thing with back exercises is that you can do them with no equipment at all. This means that you can do them anywhere. With all the help that you can get online, a professional trainer is also not necessary.

Back training basics

Most of our daily activities involve slumping forward most of the time. To counteract this monotonous movement, which is the most common cause of a forward slumping posture, you need to lay a lot of emphasis on pulling exercises.

Arguably, the most effective and easy exercise that involves pulling is the bent over row. Nearly all of the other back-training-exercises derive their techniques from it. Here’s how to perform a basic bent over row:

  • Starting position: Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each arm, palms facing down. Slightly bend your knees forward. Ensure that your entire back and neck remains straight.
  • Lift the barbells towards your abdomen until the elbows are past the height of your back. Repeat this move for 10-15 times while taking deep breaths with each move. This completes a set. 3-4 sets should be enough.

What a back workout challenge for women entails

On top of the training exercises, a good challenge also focuses on what you do every day. Professionals in this area will tell you that most poor postures are a result of formed habits. They have nothing to do with how the internal organs are aligned.

The little things that most people ignore such as trying as much as possible to maintain an upright posture in the office could be the tiny margin between success and failure. Sitting upright in the office for an entire month while still combining it with proven back training exercises such as bent over rows, is a challenge enough to deliver you the results that you expect.

Running indoors using treadmills has been known to cause poor postures. You are more likely to lean forwards for long hours when running on a treadmill. Rough terrain outdoors ensures that there’s a variation in your posture, so running outdoors during the challenge could help a lot. If you still prefer running indoors, ensure that you keep an upright posture while on the treadmill.