Window fly screen is designed specially to protect family members from flies, wasps, sandflies, and mosquitoes. Insect screens allow us to keep the windows open and bring in the natural light and fresh air.

Apart from keeping your house insect free, some of the many other advantages of Window fly screen doors and insect screens include: It allow sunlight and fresh air into your home and keep your family protected from diseases that flies carry. No more need for fly spray and other chemical products. You can save a lot of money on electricity used by air conditioning or fans and undisturbed sleep.

Generally used screen materials today include aluminum screens and fiberglass. The only difference between these two types of screens is the cost. Fiberglass screens are three times less expensive as compared to aluminum screens.

Essential facts about vinyl coated fiberglass and aluminum screens as,

Fiberglass window fly screen includes;

  • This type of window screens is strain resistant and also rust and corrosion free.
  • As compared to aluminum, fiberglass screens shred easily if stretched.
  • Fiberglass screens are flexible and can be used for windows, doors, deck rooms and pool enclosures.
  • Fiberglass window fly screen is available in many different colors such as dark grey, silver grey, aquamarine, black and white and so on.
  • Vinyl coated Fiberglass net has minute interlace which ensures that no insects, however small, can penetrate through.
  • Due to the minute interlace however, this type of screen cuts down the breeze and light spread.
  • Vinyl-coated fiberglass, solar screens made from this material help save a lot on energy by blocking heat gain which in turn reduces load on the air-conditioning

Aluminium window fly screen includes;

  • This metal net has a rough appearance and comes in finishes and colors such as bright aluminum, dark gray and black.
  • The ready to use net is available in net size measures 18*16 inches.
  • Aluminum screens are available in handy 100-foot rolls and are priced reasonably.
  • These screens are strong and do not break easily when stretched.

To know more about window screens contact us. There are many different types of window fly screens available in the market. House makers can choose the right window fly screens based on their preferences and requirements. For further useful information please click here!