Nationwide, the cost for a new pair of eyeglasses is nearly $200. This is before adding on additional features such as tinting and bifocal lenses. When eyeglasses are cracked or broken, it makes more sense to repair rather than replace them for most people. Since many repair shops are only equipped to offer simple fixes, people either spend unnecessary money on a new pair of eyeglasses or try to repair them at home. A better solution is to send the eyeglasses to a repair shop that uses laser welding equipment to restore the eyeglasses to their previous condition.

Why Laser Welding Equipment for Eyeglasses Repair Is a Superior Choice

When a repair technician uses a jeweler’s torch or a lead solderer to fix broken eyeglass frames, he or she runs the risk of permanently weakening it due to the intense heat. Another common practice is to use epoxy or superglue to connect the arms of the eyeglasses to the frames. While this may work to hold the eyeglasses together, it can also damage the metal and finish. When the customer settles for this short-term solution, it won’t be long before the eyeglasses need to be repaired again or replaced altogether.

A laser welder is a better option because it uses heat at a much lower temperature setting to bind the lenses, frames, and arms together. As the technician holds the damaged eyeglasses in one hand, he or she uses the other hand to direct the focused beam of the laser welder to the area that needs repair. The technician accomplishes this without ever heating the frame. Since a stream of Argo surrounds the welding spot, he or she is able to prevent oxidation of the eyeglasses as well.


Laser Welding Produces a Seamless Repair

When a repair technician uses soldering equipment to fix eyeglasses, it often results in discoloration or a visible seam. This is unacceptable to many people who must wear corrective lenses since they want them to appear as fashionable as possible. The reason laser equipment produces a more attractive result is that it uses just one alloy. This is true even when the technician must add laser filler metal to the laser welder. When inspecting the eyeglasses after the repair, it is virtually impossible to see a color difference between the original frames, lenses, or arms and those that were corrected using the laser welder. The same is true of unsightly seams.

If there are any impurities in the customer’s pair of eyeglasses, the concentrated beam burns them away during the laser welding process. This eliminates the need for prior cleaning of the lenses or the area where the work is performed. When compared to a traditional solderer, the laser welder is up to 260 times stronger. Its strength and direct intensity allows eyeglass repair companies to finish the work much faster, resulting in satisfied customers who keep returning. This also works in the customer’s favor. A shorter wait time for repairs means less days of having to go without a necessary tool for sight correction.