Improves memory – Sleep plays a vital role in improving your memory. When you are sleeping your brain process and store information for long term usage and also solidify that information. Thus, improves your memory.

Increase life span – lack of sleep can cause many lifestyle diseases. Not just through diseases by lack of sleep can also affect your health directly. It is yet to be known if it is illness or cause of illness.

Makes you happy – I am sure you must have notice how happy and refreshed you feel after a good night sleep. Sleeping for 8 hours has been considered most effective for your mood.

Increase your sex drive – Lack of sleep can have bad effect on you libido and thus cause various sex related issues like erectile dysfunctional. Sleep help you restore your testosterone level and make you better at sex.

Makes you a better learner – Many researches over the years has proven the fact that a good 8 hours sleep will not just improves your memory but also makes you a fast learner.

Keeps you fit – Proper sleep is one of the most critical things for your fitness. No wonder, why all those fitness blogs and magazine emphasis so much on proper sleep. Lack of sleep can also lower your metabolism rate. Thus, making you fat.

Healthy for your skin – Along with stress, anxiety and depression lack of sleep can cause chronic skin problems.

Ways to better sleep

Make a schedule – This is the most important factor. Have a regular sleeping pattern will make you body and mind healthy. Sleeping pattern lets your brain know its time for sleep and it will automatically make you feel sleepy

Prepare your bed – If you are unable to make a schedule. Then try making your bed every day when you want to sleep. This will trick your brain into sleeping. Also try changing you bed sheet and pillow. If you are suffering from an injury or back pain then bring body pillow for greater comfort.

Exercise early in morning – When you are exposed to sun in the morning your body adjust itself to nature’s cycle. You will automatically feel sleepy at night.