LED walls are becoming the new standard for displaying videos. With a brighter image, LED walls offer a more economical, reliable and flexible platform than any other media.

An LED video wall consists of multiple computer or television monitors tiled or overlapped to form one large screen. LED video walls have been on the market for a few years now. Traditionally used in command and control applications, these are increasingly making the transition from mission control to commercial spaces, and are now frequently cropping up in corporate, leisure and retail applications. Their bright image displays and ease of use make them an attractive option for many different setting such as store signage, billboards and other advertising, stage shows, destination signs, indoor displays and more.

Here are some of the many benefits of LED video walls:

Effective communication: Businesses and institutions are increasingly turning to video walls for effective communications in reception areas, conference rooms and public spaces. A video wall, integrated with digital signage software, can display real-time data from any data source to create targeted, engaging messages.

Easy maintenance: Repairing an LED wall is easy. Usually all you need to do is update the programming software, or just replace the module of a broken bulb with a new one.

Streamlined operations: Video walls can automate many customer service operations, with the capability to display any manner of information, including departure times and wayfinding in transport applications, advertising goods and services in retail environments, etc. You just need to simply connect it to your internal systems.

High contrast and brightness: Advertising is known for using bright colours and visual techniques because that’s what attracts the viewers in short span of attention. LED video walls are made up of true colour technology, and hence it provides high contrast, brightness and high resolutions. As a result of which, the output is vivid, bright and catchy.

Interactivity: Video walls can easily be transformed into a multi-touch surface to deliver a unique interactive experience.

Situation management: Video walls can unify feeds from multiple sources to allow security personnel to capture potential security breaches, physical as well as online, quickly and efficiently. A video wall can also raise situational awareness, and ensures that everyone is aware of what is happening and how to react.

Video wall technology is entertaining and captivating. High quality images and impactful messages will have a better chance of imprinting on your customer’s memory in one view as compared to any simple, few-second advertisement that requires repeated runs.