Ben 10 is a very popular television show that has influenced many kids worldwide. This cartoon series is based on Ben Tennyson, a teenager, who has a unique ability to change himself into 10 various types of aliens. It says that all this is due to some watch he found at a crash site of an alien spacecraft. Since many of the kids are well versed with this television series and are so fond of it, they might as well be awaiting a happening birthday party that is well based on Ben 10 theme. So be prepared and get ready to provide it for them.

Thinking about a party with aliens and stuff, pretty difficult task, don’t you feel so? But you need not worry much about it. By using some supplies and helpful party ideas, you can easily organize a great Ben 10 birthday party for children.

Ben has the ability to change himself into various alien creatures because of that watch, all of them having superpowers. So why not let the kids go crazy over making alien costumes of their own choice? Provide them with paper bags that they can wear over their bodies and face and let them color and decorate it with Ben 10 party supplies. After they are all done with it, you will not believe your eyes to see the creativity the kids come up with. It will be marvelous.

Another fabulous idea is that you can have a tattoo making area in your house where the children can come up and get themselves a tattoo of their favorite superhero painted. Before doing so, make sure that the paints used are non-toxic and harmless to the skin of the kids.

Purchase good Ben 10 movie DVDs and get them played for a few hours during the party. Since after a lot of dancing and stuff, the kids might want a break and need some rest. So be it this way. At least have four to five cakes of different alien faces.

Assorted music can be played while the kids are having a jolly good time. It would build a superb scene in your house when you have the children run around the house, wearing the attire of their favorite superhero. Before dispersing them home, gift them interesting party favors like Ben 10 watches, color boxes, paint kits, lunch boxes, etc and have a blast!