I have one share in corporate Earth, and I am nervous about the management.–E.B. White, writer (1899-1985)

Yes, E. B. White of Charlotte’s Web fame. What a great idea. Corporate Earth. One share. So, are you nervous about the management? A lot of people are.

Those aren’t the ones I’m addressing—the hand-wringers, the fretters, the it’ll-never-be-okay-againers. Not interested. Instead, I’m addressing those who understand that they need to become the management they want to see in the world.

“We think there’s an important lifestyle component to what business should be,” so sayeth the Stacker propaganda. Stacker’s right, there is.

The way you are living your life is the way you are doing your business.

There are no exceptions to this. This is why it’s always valuable to come apart from your quotidian tasking to take a longer look, and hopefully, a longer view, of the way you are living your life.

The way you are living your life is the way you are using your “one share” in the “corporate” [body of] Earth. Another way to say this is: living, or lifestyle, is voting.

I’m sure you’ve heard all the Vote withs … before. Vote with your feet. Vote with your fork. Vote with your food.

Have you ever thought that every life choice you make is a form of voting?

Mickey D’s or Whole Foods? Paper or plastic? Priority or Express Mail? Accept or decline this call? PC or Mac? Skirt or slacks?

Every choice. Every single, tiny choice changes your life, ergo changes your lifestyle, ergo changes your management of your one share in corporate Earth, ergo changes the lives of others.

This is why we create habits. Habits aren’t always bad. In fact, habits support us in a lot of ways. Do you keep your toothpaste near your toothbrush? A good habit. Do you keep your toothbrush in the same place every day? Also, a good habit. Is the dental floss or pick brush container near the other two? Excellent. How about the whitening system? Okay, all tooth-y sorts of things relatively proximal? Good job. These are good habits—just about caring for your teeth! Think of how many other habit-y sorts of things you choose every day.

The path to work?

The way you exercise?

What you drink in the morning?


How you stay in touch with your friends?

Miles and miles of habits that go to support the life you’ve chosen for yourself, and the life that you get to manage.

So do you like your habits? Most of us do like most of our habits.

What about the ones you don’t like?

Well, you’re the management, my friend. Take the time. No, make the time regularly to step away from the everyday and examine your choices, your habits, your life and its style.

Did you know that spiders, Charlotte included, spin two kinds of silk? A dry kind for getting about the web, and a sticky kind for trapping prey. If Charlotte steps on the sticky bits, she can’t get free.

The sticky pieces of the web of our own lives are the things we do unconsciously, the habits that hurt us, not help us. Anything worth doing, especially managing my one share of corporate Earth, is worth doing consciously.

The next time you catch yourself in unconscious doing, create a full stop. Pull away from the doing, and focus for a time on being. Breathe. Sit. Contemplate. Do nothing. In between the in-breath and the out-breath is where inspiration lives. Bring inspiration to what’s been unconscious and watch it change into what it needed to be all along—a conscious choice.

This is managing your one share, and that’s all that’s asked of any one of us.