Bean bags are really gaining popularity these days. Many people are using it as a comfortable chair in the drawing room or for their kids in the cozy small bedroom. They are basically filled with Polylene, Polystyrene, and PVC pellets.

It totally depends on the manufacturer that what material he is inserting the bag. Every material provides different level of comfort level to the customers. However, to conclude, I would say bean bags have only one main aim – giving comfort to its users.

Bean bags come in different sizes, shape, and material. We’ll be discussing these three points in detail starting from:-

  1. Bean bag sizes
  • Small sized bean bags: These size of bean bags come for kids between the age of 3 to 11. They are the smallest size of bean bags available in the market. The children who are 4.6 feet tall can only fit in the bean bag. The comfort level equally changes.
  • Large bean bags: Large/teen bean bags are commonly found in every household. They are generally manufactured for people up to 5.2 feet high, not more than that. As the height is important, the same with weight – as height increases so the weight, therefore using the same bean bag for increasing kids would really not what we would recommend.
  • Extra large & double extra large bean bags: These bean bags are generally made to support people with the height of 6 or 6.5. They are the largest size you can find in any local or online store. The shape changes accordingly.

2. Bean bag fillings

  • Polystyrene: These are beans are light weighted and are easy to shift and fit in fast. People who turn and toss a lot can find this filling much comfortable for them.
  • Natural beans: These are made for people who prefer natural old bean bag chairs. They are also comfortable but has its pros and cons.
  • Shredded foam fillers: These fillers are made from polyurethane material and are cushionier.
  • Mixed fillers: There is no doubt that if you’re confused with the variety, you can always get to different fillings mixed. That is much comfortable and long lasting.

The shape of every bean bag is different. There are so many that choosing one would be a hard choice for you. Starting from, Game chairs, novelty, square, round, elongated, etc. Please note that choosing bean bags according to your comfortability is really important, but it’s also necessary to measure your room and fit it accordingly.