The importance of being at the right place at the right time!!!

I was super excited, it was my first trip out of India and I had planned a whole week of fun and shopping at a popular shopping destination in the middle-east. The planning was done for a month and I had downloaded tickets, discount coupons and maps of places to visit. I was happy that this was going to be a well planned trip.

I had also planned a business meeting on one of the days I was going to be there. I know, you must be wondering how I managed this. I had to convince the family with a promise to treat them to a 7D movie show while we were there.

Everything was going as planned till we landed. After collecting the bags and going through the immigration process, we found ourselves in a big airport terminal and were wondering which one it was. I remembered reading on the Internet that this particular airport had three terminals. The bus that would pick us up and transfer us to the hotel was running from terminal 1 and 3. As luck would have it. We were in terminal 2. So there was a slight panic attack as we asked around a few commuters how to get to the terminal 1 from where we could catch the bus.

Since the people we asked were also commuters, there were not of much help. Out of instinct I took out my phone to check on the navigation. But being in a different country, the web based navigation system failed.

The realization

This is when I had a brain wave of realization. I realized that the maps and navigations that I had so proudly stored and printed were of external routes. They helped in taking me from one location to another. Not in helping me find my way within a building or airport terminal. I so wished I could find someone or some app that would be my guide here. To cut the long story short, we actually managed to flag down a taxi that dropped us to our hotel. But this thought kept running through my mind.

The next day, I was to meet with a business contact and since she is also a shopping fan, we decided to catch up in a famous mall. We had exchanged mails on the date and time of the meeting and spoke to each other before I left from my hotel. Again, I was happy to carry maps to reach the mall…

The best planned things also fail sometimes

But the moment I entered the mall, I was totally lost. I got so carried away that I was late for the meeting. The business contact was not happy and I had to forego that business opportunity.

Again, if I had a friend who could have taken me to the meeting place, the mood and the rest of the vacation would have been three times better. I did enjoy the 7D movie show, in case you are wondering. But it still felt like pinch when I remembered this missed business meeting.

Indoor navigation – be found and find the location within a building.

Pretty soon I found out that there are apps and solutions which do just this. They are your buddies inside large buildings and help you mark your current location and can take your around. Almost like a personal escort based on augmented reality based technology.

I think there are many places where this can be applied. Malls, airports, train stations, museums and hospitals are some of the establishments to name a few. In the malls, the businesses and shops have a lot to benefit from the use of such software applications. They can draw customers to their establishments via the navigation software and increase their business.

Come to think of it, so can any shops and sellers in other places like airports and train stations. In addition to providing navigation information to the users, this is a good commercial angle that can be explored.

Author :  Preeti Saini is a content marketing professional. I complete 5 years in creative writing and love to write article about technology . I have mentioned here our latest article about indoor navigation system that help people to find anythings inside the building.