This species is usually found throughout America mainly and its catch presents variants for the fisherman, since it can be caught when feeding or in the spring and autumn seasons near the shore.

The fishing of the Bass is very popular in America, although also is a species of this family known as Seabass and Chad in other parts of the world; Entering both together with the first one in the sports capture. To obtain copies of this type there are different techniques that must be taken into account if success is to be achieved.

It must be taken into account that this aquatic family is that of a predator that at the time of being captured will fight intensely before giving up so that not everything is said when the bite occurs, but the fisherman should give the best So that the result is positive.

Among the various techniques mentioned in the first paragraph can be found those that vary according to the time of year. In spring and autumn, the bass is in shallow water, unlike the summer where they are not so close to the surface. That is why in the first two seasons the launch of the line should be on the banks of rivers or lakes.

The important thing to obtain specimens of this species is that the cane is of a minimum size that is around 5 meters, while the line should not be very thin. As for hooks, baits and other gear, there may be variants.

Another way to succeed in capturing this family is to take advantage of the hours of sunrise and sunset. According to the experts these times of the day are where the Bass uses to feed, therefore if a bait is used as a shallow lure, surely there is a bite and the objective is fulfilled.

This species tends to hide when feeding and lurking between the shores of lakes or rivers, so if a person could fish a specimen in a certain sector, surely if at some point throws again his cane there will find another.

As for the baits can be used of the most diverse, from natural to artificial. Fly fishing is a possibility, although the most common are to use good sized worms or some species of fish.

The good thing about the fishing of the Bass is that it offers variants for the people that realize it, reason, why nobody must be limited to a single technique and each one, will make the catches of the way that creates more convenient. Although it is not easy to obtain copies of this family, every movement made by the fisherman should be thought according to the movements of the fish in the water, taking into account that being an animal that feeds on others, it sneaks.