For relieving the lower back pain the root cause of this pain must be detected. Lower back pain is a very common disease which is equally present in developed as well as underdeveloped countries. The people of every age suffer from this disease but the causes of pain greatly vary from one individual to the other. Generally the obesity, increased age, weak muscles, using the wrong back stretcher , lack of healthy diet and muscles or lower back injury is the cause of lower back pain.

If we become more specific, then the causes of this disease changes with the age. The youngsters suffer from lower back pain due to the sudden stretch or pull of the muscles, continuous work, wrong sitting posture, sitting for the long time, over weight and lack of exercise. In older people above the age of 50, the lower back pain usually occurs due to the problems in the muscles. Their body is so weak that a slight change in the body posture while sitting or standing may lead to severe lower back pain.

Women also suffer from lower back pain. The main reason behind that is due to extra workload such as washing, floor polishing etc as their tasks involves continuous change of body movement that may leads to stretch or strain which finally converts in to lower back pain. The pregnant ladies also suffer from lower back pain due to the change in their centre of gravity. Due to extra weight of the child carried by their body, it gets slightly bent towards front leading to lower back pain.

Before taking some action for relieving the lower back pain, one should know the actual cause of this pain. As in above all cases, the treatments for relieving the lower back pain will be totally different. Using an effective back stretcher is also vital in relieving the pain.

If you feel lower back pain than you should immediately consult your doctor as the prolong pain lead to the disturbance in the spinal structure of the body which leads to permanent disability. Exercise is one of the most effective techniques for relieving the lower back pain.