When comparing working as a freelancer transcriptionist vs in an office, factors you must consider are Startup or capital cost freelancers provide their own equipment, utilities like electricity, Internet, etc. Therefore they can charge lower rates and the initial outlay can be recovered quite easily over time. Both kinds of transcribers need to produce really great quality work, however companies are able to employ more layers of checking the quality of work QA quality assurance and can utilise editors, proofreaders, etc. This is sometimes an added cost to the customer so it may still be better for a customer to use a freelance transcriber. 

As a freelancer, you may only have one specialisation, e.g. transcription or legal. If thats the case, you will need to invest time and possibly money in research and training to become familiar with other fields like general, podcast and interview transcription. On the topic of quantity, companies will always have the upper hand, as they can http://audiotranscriptionservicesusa.com definitely handle bigger volumes compared to freelancers. Although freelancers can get together just for a specific project. Still, this capacity will be more limited compared to companies Turnarounds are inherently pretty strict. However, freelancers are generally professionals. They deliver on time, most times.

 But, if a problem arises, at the end of the day they are individuals without a backup. Transcription servicesbusinesses on the other hand have numerous employees and contingencies in place. Still, I believe the advantages of working freelance still outweigh the negatives. You have a really good amount of flexibility and autonomy. You can work at your own pace, your own terms and you dont have to deal with office politics or wearing clothes. You can even choose your own clients Geographical location a barrier, and there is potential to procure a better worklife balance. This point is especially important, as I myself know how sucky it is when you are working yourself into the ground.  audio transcription