This sounds like a scene straight out of a movie but it is far from it. A gang of approximately 20 robbers raided a Samsung factory in Brazil during the night shift early Monday Morning in an elaborated heist, getting away with $6.3 million dollars worth of cellphones, tablets and other products.

The gang of heavily armed men hijacked a company bus carrying eight plant employees who were on their way to work just before midnight, said civil police in Sao Paulo state. The gang took the driver and analyst hostage as they entered the factory with the stolen workers’ ID tags in the college town of Campinas.

After forcing their way into the facility, they disarmed the guards, taking away their weapons and ammunition. The gang spent more than three hours in the plant loading up 7 trucks with more than 40,000 cellphones, tablets and computers.

Associated Press reports that police had earlier estimated the value of goods stolen at $36 million. Samsung puts the estimate value of goods stolen at about $6.3 million dollars.

Local authorities are looking at security footage around Samsung’s Campinas facility to see if anyone can identify the thieves. Thankfully, no one was hurt during the ordeal.

The head of the General Investigations unit, Carlos Henrique Fernandes told reporters that there is a possibility the thieves worked with an employee from inside the factory. He added that it would be difficult to commit a heist of this magnitude without inside help.

For a heist of this magnitude to be successful, it had to be orchestrated right from the get-go. How did they know how much inventory Samsung had that requires seven trucks? One theory is that it was an inside job and the thieves had help from a factory employee. In a statement, Samsung said that they will be cooperating with the police to prevent this from happening again.

Campinas is known as Brazilian’s Silicon Valley for its industrial parks where companies such as General Electric and Dell establish their operations.