A leading prosecutor in Argentina testified in the country’s forum of appeals that his late co-worker, Alberto Nisman, was murdered and did not commit suicide.

Ricardo Saenz’s statement marked the initial time a judicial administrator termed Nisman’s death a murder. The opinion was given during an application by Nisman’s ex-wife who has been pushing for an investigation at the federal court level.

Nisman discovered lifeless in his residence in January 2015, had accused former President Kirchner of assisting the Iranian government in covering up Iran’s purported part in the 1994 attack on the AMIA Jewish community hub.

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Nisman’s mysterious death has shaken Argentina, but the incident has not been resolved.

A Buenos Aires judge said there wasn’t enough proof to conclude that the prosecutor was killed and denied a plea to transfer the matter to federal court. Nisman’s family appealed, and a ruling on the application is anticipated soon.

In a written statement, Saenz said there is evidence that Nisman received death threats, that he had been assaulted several times ahead of being shot in the head and that his corpse had been disturbed. Saenz also claimed that Nisman’s cell phone and a computer had been tampered with, and any traces of calls received hours before his death had been deleted.

Saenz agrees with family members who claim the timing and historical context surrounding Nisman’s death is vital to determining if the case should be investigated at the federal level.

“Nisman was in charge of the investigation of the worst terrorist attack suffered by our country,” Saenz said. “He was discovered dead four days after presenting very severe accusations of a cover-up.”

Argentina’s latest president, Mauricio Macri, has sworn to get to the certainty of what occurred.