Hebe de Bonafini is tired of fighting.

Brash, brazen and provocative with her collapsed leftist political leanings, the 87-year old has had enough.

A leader of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo had been insolently refusing to testify; claiming that the investigation into her theft of millions of dollars was “politically motivated” and refused twice to show up in court as ordered.

Not many are buying her story. In this second largest South American country, “politically motivated” is another way of saying “he made me do it.” The perfect non-confession confession.

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Supported by a few dozen demonstrators, the judge who issued the arrest order against Bonafini lifted it when the old lady “cried uncle.”

The Mothers were a close ally of former President, Cristina Kirchner, who was replaced in December 2016.

Under Kirchner’s political patronage system, the Mothers claimed they wanted to do some of the work they thought their offspring would have ended up doing. The Mothers launched a $53 million program to build affordable housing, schools, and health centers in low-income neighborhoods.

Millions of the money was diverted into the purses of Bonafini as well as the pockets of her attorneys and other “supporters.”

Bonafini’s fans are dwindling as the accusations come to light. The allegations, paired with Bonafini’s refusals to testify, are causing hundreds of former supporters are turning their backs on the octogenarian.

Before they got immersed in greed, the Mothers, and a sister group, the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo marched each Thursday in a protest which began in 1977.

Human rights groups place the number of victims of Argentina’s “Dirty War” at around 30,000.