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“Are you following Vladimir Putin? Or more to the point, is he following you?”

Congratulate Vladimir Putin on being nominated for the prestigious ‘Despots of the Century’ association. The Russian leader, through his PR agency, announced he is “pleased” by his nomination and will “stop at nothing” to insure his place among the top despots of the century.

Latest accomplishments: The bombing campaign against anyone on the ground in Syria. “We want to prove to the United States that they aren’t the only ones who can fail in the Middle East.”

Putin’s public relations helped him place a widely read and discussed New York Times op-ed that criticized President Obama because of a possible strike on Syria. “Brilliant” said North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, if I could write I would have done the same.”

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“Putin’s successful ‘election’ to the Presidency while a constitutionally mandated term limit made him select his successor who then stepped down while Putin became prime Minister and once again President was a brilliant and truly despotic maneuver. We should have tried it a few times.” Karl Rove.

The extended family of Pol Pot, a Cambodian dictator who killed almost 2 million in his country during the infamous Killing Fields cheered his nomination but cautioned, “He’s got a long way to go to reach the heights of a Bashar Al Assad or a Moammar Qaddafi. We wish him well.”

A recent update on Putin’s Linkedin profile shows thousands have viewed his profile in the last 15 days (And he knows all their names)

"Are you following me?"

“Are you following me?”