Millennials. What words come to mind when you think of this generation? I am a part of this generation taking over the workforce and whatever your opinions they are probably not entirely accurate. The only reason I say this is that within a given generation there are many differences. One such difference is whether or not Millennials use professional social networks such as LinkedIn, AngelList, or StackStreet for that matter. Here is what I think.

Millennials definitely desire to succeed in life. This is quite obvious. How will they achieve success in life though? I believe one way to do this is by expanding their professional networks online via LinkedIn, AngelList, or StackStreet. My personal experience is that those Millennials who use professional networks care much more about their future success than those who don’t participate in any of them. What are you thoughts on this?

What will the future hold for the Millennial generation? I am unsure, but if I had to give a educated guess this is what I would say. I think the Millennial generation will reinvent our nation’s education and economic systems. This will be a step in the right direction as we can only innovate if our education system creates young professionals ready for a constantly changing world. Hopefully I have given you a positive insight into the Millennial generation!