You Have Done Everything by the Book. You Selected a Professional Looking Photo of Yourself for Your Profile, Carefully Crafted Your Copy to Sell Your Expertise, Included Part of Your Best Work Taking Advantage of the New Features the Platform Offers, You Even Started Publishing Some Great Content Showcasing Relevant Knowledge and Paid Attention to All Technicalities to Make Your Personal Brand Stand Out and Search Engine-Friendly On the Largest Professional Social Network, BUT… Your Network Is Not Growing or Worse, It Is Shrinking!

You may wonder what is happening, even blaming the platform or yourself for not being social material. The reality is you may be making a simple yet critical mistake that is killing your LinkedIn presence, sabotaging engagement with fellow professionals and impeding your personal network growth. Here it goes:

“Your Primary Email Address Associated to Your LinkedIn Account Is One You Rarely or Never Use.” 

Yes, you read it right. With the growing importance of LinkedIn in today’s social age you need to make sure the email account you use for your profile – the one where you receive alerts, communications and InMails – is your main email account. Otherwise you are losing connections, opportunities and ultimately business. Over the past 12 months I have seen this mistake been made over and over within my network by fellow professionals and friends with many lost opportunities as a consequence.

We all make mistakes, but when it comes to mistakes on the social web, mistakes can be very costly. Do not make this mistake and if you are doing it, do not worry since it is very easy to fix, BUT please, correct it immediately! Go to “Edit Profile”, click on “Contact Info”, look for the Email field, see what you got and edit if necessary. You can thank me later.