Turkish Ministry of Interior has announced that it will grant its citizenship in an exceptional manner to anyone who provides benefits for the national interest of Turkey through industrial, practical, technical, economic, social, sports, cultural or artistic investments and who provide unusual services that would benefit the public.

Foreigners, people with international protection, Turkish Turquoise cardholders, their spouses and their minor children may apply for Turkish citizenship in an exceptional manner.

Turkish citizenship can also be granted to foreigners if it is believed that granting them the citizenship is necessary for the general benefit of the public.

Refugees who are accepted in the country are not excluded from the Turkish citizenship grant in a condition that they do not constitute a threat to the national security of the State and this by obtaining the approval and a decision from the cabinet.

The law of granting Turkish citizenship to foreign investors in the country has entered into force, after it was published in the Official Gazette in Turkey.

The law requires foreign investments to be made with “real estate investment” or “capital investment” funds of at least $ 1.5 million.

The foreigner should maintain his investment in the two funds for a period of at least three years, to obtain citizenship by a decision of the Turkish cabinet.

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