wwdc-2015-610x615With days left tell Apple WWDC 2015, the speculation surrounding the event is pretty much clear what Apple will come forth with during the weeks event. Lets see, newly updated Beats Streaming Music service, new peak at updated OS X, more feature updates for Apple watch, and the one angle that we are looking at Apple Homekit. Last year, Apple embraced the Internet of Things with HomeKit, which enabled developers to create apps and services that connected the digital home to iOS devices. With iOS 9, Apple will reportedly add a “Home” app, which will provide access to connected gadgets, much like the Health app syncs to apps created with HealthKit. And this is where I would like to take a shot at what surprise Apple could do to shake things up. Just recently, there have been rumors of a major deal coming forth not in the technology industry so say, but auto industry. One major player that has their hands in home technology, as well as cars, is the one and only Tesla. There were major speculations earlier this year, when Elon Musk and a major Apple executive were discussing Apple getting into the Auto industry, but nothing further occurred afterwards. Now, some of you might be saying, what does that have to do with homekit ? well let me tell you. Tesla just recently came out with a totally new product that surprised a lot of folks (media, analyst, investors, etc) which had people like what’s Tesla doing and how can we value the company now. If you guys are not aware of the new product well here it is, the Powerwall. The Powerwall is Tesla’s new product that stores and supplies energy to the home as efficient as one gets.

With Tesla involved in home power energy and storage, what better way you can see Apple and Tesla collaboration that takes the Powerwall and Apple’s Homekit into the next century. Also, with the two becoming a joint venture, Apple can take a huge leap into the electric car business with Tesla just like its about to do with Beats Audio. (Hmmmmmm)