Apple’s newest product will begin shipping to customers in April according to CEO Tim Cook during the companies Q1 Earnings call with investors.

This moves comes as a surprise — typically Apple keeps its launch dates a secret and rarely announces new hardware so early in advance. Analysts believed the move to be a shrewd one as it removes some uncertainty surrounding the product which was first announced back in September.

The announcement also finds favor from developers looking to ensure their new apps are ready for launch. Up to this point developers have had to depend on a virtual version of the product which can make it exceedingly difficult to come up with refined experiences for the new interface.


Cook did not touch on the much discussed size options but it is assumed that both the small, rumored 38mm version and the larger 45mm version will be available on launch day.

Most analysts expect the watch to be priced around $400 at launch, with the smaller version likely coming in $75-$100 less.

We know that the watch will have great features like health tracking, Apple Pay, and seamless iPhone integration but whats not known is what to expect out of the battery. The high-resolution screens that Apple is addicted to using tend to demolish battery life and looking at Apple’s supply chain it does not seem that they have fixed this technology yet.

What are you expecting from the iWatch?