Every entrepeneur has ideas they don’t have time for. Concepts that are outside their area of expertise, that they hope to get to one day, or that they write about publicly to give away since they know they won’t get to it themselves.

There is no greater validation than when that idea is moved on by Apple, who are apparently going to be moving into the “central hub” area for health data I’ve been talking about for awhile.

1. If apple moves there, there is probably something it (most apple failures, like the newton, eventually lead to something).
2. If apple moves there, you likely would’ve gotten lost in their wake, so it’s very validating for not having moved there.

All in all, a good day to be reading the business news.

My favorite current wearable remains the Basis, and apparently Intel agree’s since they just picked them up.  Everyone I know stops using their wearable after awhile, but 8 months in I still use it every day, since it slid into the “watch” hole in my life (and has lead me to check my phone less often).