Apple-Watch-on-WristThe reviews are pouring in and I have to say Apple may have pulled it off with its Apple Watch. The watch is a beauty and typical Apple makes the purchase of the watch an experience that consumers love. Apple knows their consumers and with every new or existing product release they cater to their consumers, which is why Apple is the most profitable company in the world today and will reach the 1 TRILLION dollar market cap soon. With its pre-order sales reaching estimates of 2.3 million units over last weekend and shipments rolling out this weekend, Apple is doing it big. I for one have to admit, at first I was a bit skeptical, especially skeptical at buying a watch for $349 low end to the crazy price of $17,000 high end. I’m no critic, but for $17,000 that’s someone yearly salary. All I can say is, if and when I do buy the Apple Watch, I will be buying the $349 version or maybe the $549.


Below is a review of the Apple Watch Courtesy of The Verge.