Facebook Pages Manager is a mobile app that helps Android and iOS users in managing the Facebook pages on their mobile devices without surging towards the main Facebook mobile app. It could become a little intimidating if you use your main Facebook app to manage your Facebook pages for obvious reasons. First off, the Facebook app would have every detail of your account, for instance, the groups you joined, the pages you liked, and people you’re friends with. It would take a huge amount of time if you use the regular Facebook app to manage your pages.

However, Facebook Pages Manager does exactly what you need here. If you’re an admin to yours or your company’s Facebook page then this mobile app could be a lightning rod for you because it helps you manage Facebook page without even the regular Facebook app installed on your phone. It requires you to log in to your Facebook account and start managing the pages you’re an admin to or managing on someone else’s behalf.

Without further due, let’s get into the features of Pages Manager and find out what it has got to offer.

Features of Facebook Pages Manager

1: Multiple Pages Management – You can manage all the pages you are an admin to or manage on someone else’s behalf. In both cases, the pages start to show up in your Facebook account and that’s what you need to get it done.

2: Insights – It has the ability to maximize the performance by grabbing the data and statistics from the pages. The insights feature helps user analyze the page and posts performance.

3: Messaging – It allows you to access, manage, and send Facebook page messages.

4: Notifications – Your page activities won’t go unnoticed while you’re away from your Facebook app or desktop computer. It does provide all the notifications of your Facebook pages right away.

5: Post – It does have the ability to post your Facebook page status without any problem. It quickly updates your status whether you want to publish a text-based status, picture, or a video. It does all that stuff.

6: Photo – This feature allows you to access your phone gallery. Upon tapping on this feature, you’ll get to see all your pictures and videos from the phone device to publish it onto Facebook page.

7: Events – The Page Manager app does have the feature of creating and managing your events on a Facebook page.

8: Promote – The advertising feature is one of the perks this app offers. If you’ve already set up your Facebook Ads account and you’ve payment setup ready back there, you can quickly run the Facebook ads through this app. It more or less could be the post promotion.

In addition to that, there is a settings menu to access a few more settings inside the app. This settings tab is pretty much for analysis. For instance, it has the features like comments, likes, scheduled posts, drafts, photos, events, page settings, and message settings. This section is more like an analysis dashboard to get the insights into the Facebook page you’ve chosen.

The app’s interface is quite user-friendly. There is no problem in the accessibility of the page features whatsoever. You can get to see page insights and analytics on a whim. It’s pretty much a solution for social media managers or professionals who manage their own Facebook pages.

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