While everyone is looking forward to the next dessert being served to Android users, HTC One M7 users get to taste it first. Albeit without full functionality.

Despite Google releasing only the preview firmware to the Nexus 5 and latest Nexus 7 models, developers managed to work within the shortest time to extend this privilege to Nexus 4 as well as earlier Nexus 7 models. Some even went ahead to break down the functions like the keyboard and the Nova launcher which was released in Google Play, only to be removed days later by Google themselves.

One of the XDA developers even managed to port the interface into the original HTC One, without the display composites.

However, the XDA developers advised the public not to update the firmware as this is just a developers trial release, which means that it is not completely functional. In fact, you would realize that it will be a nightmare if you did – the only thing that was released is the display and the user interface. In other words, features like wi-fi, Bluetooth, camera, sound and sensors are not working. It would be useless for anyone wanting a sneak peak of Android L on their phones since you won’t be able to use any phone functions other than seeing the main user screen preview and app list in the menu.

What is new on this firmware is something similar to the Apple iOS locked screen – Android users can now see all summaries of notifications and messages unlike the one in Kit Kat, where it is only limited to the icons that can’t be viewed from the lockscreen.

As the developers continue to play and tweak on their newest toy, Google is expected to make the official launch of the firmware in October, which was somewhere along the timing of the release of the previous firmware version.

Until then, it would be better to take a break and have a Kit Kat.