Ayurveda is the ancient Indian medical science, some 5000years old traditions, which are the oldest available classics of the world.

Ayurveda combines physical, psychological and spiritual therapies in an approach to health. Ayurveda is based on an ancient system of Tridosha which are vat, kapha, pitta dosha.

I will not go into the deep subject, but rather come to the point. Now coming to allergy, three main types of allergies are there, each having its own remedies.

Excessive dryness, or vata allergies is the first one. Inflamed sinuses, or pitta allergies is the second one . Finally, the third one is called kapha allergies, which occurs when you are congested fully.

For Vata & Kapha type allergies, Trikatu, basil, cloves, camphor, coriander etc are generally used.

To ease Kapha based allergies, guduchi tablets should be along with basil, cloves, and camphor.

Especially for skin allergy Neem Capsule, Neem Oil is the best medicines. Also Khadiraristam, Nimbasavam, Haridrakhandam, Agasthya rasayan etc can be taken along with these.

In case of Allergy of the Respiratory System, Agasthya rasayan, Nimbarajanyadi tablet, Spetilin Tablet, Kanchanar guggulu, Anu Oil etc are very benifitical. Septilin Tablet is the best ayurvedic product which boosts the immune system, helping to prevent allergy.

Natural Vitamin C helps to improve allergy symptoms, particularly hay fever and asthma.

For allergic rhinitis or hay fever, inhale the smell of Carvol plus or Zenvol plus poured on the handkerchief which are ayurvedic products.

Anti-allergic herbs like turmeric, Picrorhiza kurroa, Tinospora Cordifolia, Triphala etc are used mostly.

Vata Type Allergy Remedies:

Drink three or four cups of ginger root tea per day, everyday.

Breathe sesame oil deeply into each nostril of the nose a couple of times per day, regularly.

Pitta type allergy remedies:

Drink Neem leaf tea three or four times a day, every day.

After each and every meal, drink a mixture of a quarter of a cup of warm milk and

half teaspoon of turmeric powder

Kapha Type Allergy Remedies:

Take a half-teaspoon of sitopladi with honey three times a day, on an empty stomach·

Some Important Tips:–

  • Exercise every morning.
  • Always drink three or four cups of ginger root tea per day.
  • Always drink plenty of warm water.
  • It is highly recommended for prevention of seasonal allergies to take nasal medication.
  • Remember to eat warm food always, since they are much easier to digest than cold food.
  • If you are a pet owner clean your carpet, floor & stairs properly for pet hair. You can utilize vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair on hardwood floors or carpets easily.