*This is an opinion piece and does not reflect on the university, the student newspaper or its staff, or anyone affiliated or associated with the University in any way. As to Trump well what you read is what you get. 🙂

California State University Fresno’s (CSUF) “The Collegian,” student newspaper recently published an editorial about the woes of electing Trump to the presidency using an interesting and attention grabbing headline, Seig Heil! Living Nazi Germany in Trump’s America

It follows with this EDITORIAL Donald Trump Is Going To Get Us All Killed.

While the contents of the message are simple, Trump will take us back to medieval times, I can see the headlines for tomorrow,  CSUF calls Trump Hitler, University Mudslings Trump,  etc and the circus that will follow. Of course what will get lost in all of the brew ha ha will be the exact meaning of the editorial i.e. not only the opinion, but what Trump will do.  I admit that I am no fan of his at all. Everything about him reeks of condescension, immorality, deceit, and outright vileness. Be that as it may the problem with many voters is that they simply take the word of others or use the old idea that if something is shared, liked, or tweeted X number of times it must be true. In essence, the headline will take the place of the story.

It might be interesting to note that the headline is only part of the message. A journalism nugget says that the headline acts like a reel to bring readers or the audience into the story, but it is not the story. So dear readers don’t be mislead. Remember to read the lede and the body for the facts.

II. As an aside I believe it pertinent to give you a few definitions for future use.

Editorialan opinion piece from the editorial staff of a newspaper or magazine.

Op-Ed-a full page or two of varying opinion pieces by individuals, columnists, etc.

Newsa piece about a recent event, i.e. a community parade, a city council meeting, a school board action, etc.

Breaking News-an article or news piece that is happening now and is being reported on, a bus crash, a raging fire that destroys homes and businesses, an earthquake, tornado, etc.

lede-the most important information presented in a piece, usually at the very beginning.

*You can find the Trump story below.



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