Today Amazon launched Echo, a cloud-connected speaker/microphone device that sits on your desk awaiting to be summoned. On the surface, the device is a Jambox with Siri like capabilities — you can ask it for the news, weather, or any other googleable information. It can also access your music library, remind you what time your next appointment is, and tell you any number of questionable jokes.

So what else can it do? Not a whole lot.

Why did such an innovative & smart company like amazon waste time on a product that cant do as much as my iPod touch from two years ago? We all have iPhones & Jamboxes, so why would anyone need this $200 device taking up counter space?

One Word: Amazon Prime.

The seemingly ubiquitous service (pretty much everyone I know uses it) has been a huge driver of Amazons growth as a company and a big piece of their ever-increasing revenues.

Echo brings that storefront to your living room, and decreases the barrier to blowing your money one notch lower. Combine that with a same-day delivery-service like Amazon Fresh and you are just one command away from breakfast being delivered to your doorstep — all without going online or getting out of bed.

What are some other uses of Echo that you can think of?