Someone caught my attention by asking: “What do you mean by Alpha Female?” The question may sound simple at first, while sure that some may even raised an eyebrow while cursing ignorance. Or, exclaim, why don’t you try Mr. Google, he knows more than Einstein. To summarize answer from Google resource links, Alpha Female is someone that is almost close of possessing these attitudes/characters: Type A personality (if that means being an asshole), oozing self-confidence, or that person who occupy the highest position in a corporate ladder wearing some great combination of Gucci and 4-inch Pigalle Louboutin Paris. Aren’t these descriptions intriguing to a point where we found solace in front of our computers typing in the SEARCH portion, “FREE QUIZ: ARE YOU AN ALPHA FEMALE?”

Question: Why are we girls so eager to know if we belongst to the Alphas? Assuming the result is, “YES. You are an alpha”, what kind of self gratification do we get from that?

Answer: Aren’t we too insecure to those descriptions that we even drag ourselves trying some of those FREE QUIZZES to confirm our level of self-confidence. In fact, if the quiz will generate an otherwise result; we are automatically place on our self defense that “this quiz ain’t accurate.”  

To my mind, alpha, beta, or omega are mere hiatus created by nobody, but our discriminatory imagination transcending a message that ONE SHOULD ALWAYS UNDERMINE ANOTHER and that fact alone gratify (whoever’s) ego. Ever heard of the story that “it is a girl’s business to go in the restroom quite often for them to look at the mirror, not to check upon themselves, but to compare how better looking they are to others.” Now imagine that scenario, can you still call it alpha femaleness, or a mere strata of insecurity.

On the other hand, others are self profound commentators, judgments are all over flying in their subconscious dirty little minds, say, when one of the girls is outspoken and assertive, they automatically LABELS them NO MORALS or BITCHES without understanding the root cause. They are attacking on a zero bases but biases, they claim its a norm for women to be silent, yet said by whom. These notions and acts are obviously to kill the sanctity of femininity. Don’t you know how much wonderful it is to be feminine, it is our right to excuse ourselves for not finding our way from one place to another because we don’t know how to read road or building directions. In short, vulnerability is not always to be construed being weak, rather a right to be who we are, instead of following a standard on a blind eye.

Secondly, why modernization crave girls to be like boys. I don’t understand why some are feeling giddy when one praise or tag them “a woman with balls. Seriously, if we are to conceptualize it into a context, I don’t want my man to think like me, simply because it would mean we are to appreciate same stuffs, its not a crime to wear foundation, be vain and have nails done on a weekly basis. I should just protect him from outwardly unsafe society. Of course this was an exaggeration, but yes, imagine us girls liking and bringing Kalashnikov guns in our pouches during parties. Would you like it either? Now a days, Feminism is overused to a point where, we don’t know its significance anymore.

Thirdly, another hit search in Google, “Why women don’t want to get married?” and immediately indict mothers at home taking good care of their kids, saying its a shame to be dependent to their men. Hence, is it safe to argue that girls in the corporate are ABSOLUTELY otherwise. The problem is that, we are taking too much freedom classifying and categorizing everything from numbers 0 to 10 to make sure there is a hierarchy.

To end this, it is my conclusion to let girls be girls, boys be boys, not only America has the right to observe economic protectionism. We also have to preserve our femininity; otherwise, there will be scarcity.