You’ve met those parents right. The ones who talk about nothing else but their Baby. It’s all poop and vomit and teething and bragging. So boring. Particularly if You are childless. It’s hard to be enthusiastic about that stuff when You don’t have a kid. And fair enough too.

While preggers I swore black and blue and up and down and back to front that I would not be that parent. This would not be me. I would remain an interesting person with an array of topics at the ready on which I could speak. I would not be parenting absorbed at all. Not one little bit. No way. Wasn’t going to happen.

But I was secretly terrified that it would happen. I mean, how the hell was I to know what was around the corner? It was my first child. So I nervously chewed my lip when I thought about it and hoped for the best.

And then my little monkey arrived and oh my, for quite a few months there it was

all. I. could. talk. about.


I still remember the moment that I realized I was this person. I was absolutely horrified but I seemed powerless to change it.

Friends without kids would come over to visit and I would rack my sleep deprived brain trying to think of something to say that wasn’t related to my wondrous new Baby. It seemed impossible. And even if I did manage to get onto something else, before too long it seemed like I was somehow turning the conversation back to my Baby and motherhood.

Mother’s group was my favorite place ever as there we were allowed to talk about our Babies. In fact, it was even encouraged. That’s the point right. I loved it even more as it made me feel like me. I was chatty and outgoing with so much to say, exactly how I’d been pre-Baby.

If You are feeling this way right now, let me give You some advice: don’t sweat it mummy.

You are probably still in the early months and let’s be honest here: right now your life IS your Baby. You are working round the clock on getting that cute little critter accustomed to the big wide world and that my friend is a full time job and then some. This stage does not last forever so your obsession with all things Baby won’t last forever either.

As time goes by your Baby will become that little bit more capable and regular in his activities so You will start to become interested in the greater world again. You might even consider a small trip out without your child at some point. You will be amazed at how much of a difference this can make. Basically the more You do that isn’t Baby focused, the more fodder You will have for the rest of your life.

Sure, obsessing about yourself doesn’t make You the world’s best mother but neither does obsessing about your Baby. There is room for both people in this world. Never forget, You were a person before You were a parent. Now You are a person who is a parent. You just need to find a way to make the two co-exist.