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Although I may seem young, I have actually been investing on my own since 2007 as a 14 year old. I like to focus on stocks that are unloved at the moment, but have solid long term growth prospects. I write for Seeking Alpha and invest on Instavest where you can copy my trades. I have 705 followers and 600,000 views on Seeking Alpha. I also have a YouTube channel which features skits and informational videos.



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I write for Seeking Alpha. I've done interviews with the head scientists at SeaWorld and several CEOs. These interviews along with my incite (particularly in the frac sand and social media industries) have led me to obtain 705 followers and 600,000 page views on the website.

Bitcoin Saves Us From Annoying Ads

The internet has been a revolutionary prism because lets millions seamlessly access anything you produce. However, it has problems with monetization. Currently the only two options for creators is to partner with ad companies or to sell premium products. Ads require millions of hits to earn creators a sum of money they can live off…

Avoid These 2 Sexy Investing Apps

Robinhood Description Robinhood is a mobile application which allows you to make trades with zero commissions.  The margin rates are also lower than other trading platforms.  Margin trading is 3.5%.  For those unfamiliar, margin trading is borrowing money to purchase stock.  There are no minimum deposits.  The company also just released an Apple Watch app…

What It Means to Be American

America is an interesting place, unlike no other in the history of the world, because it is so diverse.  This multiculturalism is a positive, but it does bring unique challenges such as assimilation.  It is why what it means to be American must be constantly refined and expressed.  Without this definition, we have nothing but…

Don’t Believe the Bitcoin Naysayers

Bitcoin prices have collapsed quite dramatically which has allowed for the mainstream media to forecast the impending death of Bitcoin.  Calls for the end of Bitcoin almost always come from those who are not informed about the power of the blockchain or any of the protocol that surrounds the cryptocurrency.  The recent problems with Bitstamp…

Apple Faces Legal Woes

On December 30th Apple was faced with a class action lawsuit.  It involves the amount of storage capacity that is actually available to users.  The claim is that Apple misrepresents the amount of storage that will be available on its devices for media content.  The update to IOS 8 also supposedly required more storage than…

The Comment Sections

If you have ever posted anything that you spent a significant time on, on the internet, then you know the squeamish feeling that checking the comment sections brings.  Comment sections are unique to the time we live in.  When people my parents’ age would blurt out a half thought out statement after reading an article…

8 Predictions for 2015

Anyone with a blog seems to make predictions for the new year, so I decided I’d have a go at it.  These articles are always fun to read.  Usually my predictions in the stock market have real money involved.  However, these predictions will be a bit more lighthearted. Here we go: 1. Michael Grimm steps…

Diversification Is for Suckers

The mantra of almost all investors and personal financial planners is to diversify your stock portfolio.  It certainly does protect you from losses as you don’t have to worry about company specific risk.  If you diversify your assets too much there will be a point where you just end up mimicking the markets.  These aren’t…

Finance Meets Social Media

Social media has revolutionized our lives in ways that we cannot begin to have imagined just 10 years ago.  Now you can instantly gain information about your closest friends and favorite celebrities through applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.  This innovation is not leaving the  financial industry out.  In this article I am…

The Future of Education

The internet is has revolutionized our world in the past five years in amazing ways.  The speed at which we can find information has improved remarkably.  Every industry is about to undergo a makeover of epic proportions in the future as the internet shows its disruptive force.  The entertainment industry is a clear example of…

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