Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in America. While its consumption is socially acceptable in many situations and some people are able to drink responsibly and in moderation, there are a growing number of people who cannot control their drinking. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence 1 in 12 Americans struggle with alcohol abuse. If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol abuse, rehab is often the most effective form of help and there are many alcohol rehabs in Colorado that can help.Some people struggle with alcohol abuse for many years before they are able and willing to admit that they have a problem. During this time alcoholism can cause severe damage to someone physically as well as emotionally. It is a common misconception that people need to lose everything before they can successfully quit drinking. This is false and many people are able to quit drinking and reclaim their lives well before they have reached rock bottom. The key is recognizing that there is a problem and entering alcohol rehab as soon as possible.SIGNS OF ALCOHOL Abuse Alcoholism is a disease that impacts people from all sections of society and can present itself in different ways. If you are unsure if you are abusing alcohol and if alcohol rehab is right for you, here are a few common symptoms of alcoholism to consider.

• Avoiding family and close friends while drinking

• Increased tolerance for alcohol

• Feeling uncomfortable when alcohol is not available

• Feeling guilty about your drinking

• Blacking out from excessive drinking

• Family and friends expressing concern over your drinking

• Legal troubles from drinking

• Health problems from drinking

• Needing a drink first thing in the morning

If you can identify with more than one of these symptoms then you may be struggling with alcohol abuse. Most people who abuse alcohol find it extremely difficult to stop on their own due to various physical, emotional and social reasons. This is why professional treatment is always recommended because it is much more likely to lead to long-term sustained sobriety.WHAT TYPE OF TREATMENT IS RIGHT FOR ME?There are many forms of alcohol rehabs in the Colorado area and it is important that you find one that best fits your specific situation and needs. It can be hard to navigate these treatment options alone, that is why Sober Times has experienced professionals who can help evaluate your needs and find the best Drug and alcohol rehab in Colorado for you.ALCOHOL Detox Alcohol abuse often leads to a physical dependence which can create withdrawal symptoms for someone who tries to stop drinking on their own. Some of these symptoms like seizures and delirium tremens can be serious and potentially life threatening. Many people who enter rehab for alcohol require a medical detox in order to safely stop drinking. During this time patients are under close medical supervision and are usually treated with a combination of medications in order to keep them safe and comfortable. This process typically lasts between 5 and 10 days. Once they are medically stable, it is strongly suggested that they continue their treatment with an inpatient or outpatient alcohol rehab program.INPATIENT ALCOHOL Rehab Inpatient rehab for alcoholism is typically the most effective form of treatment and there are many programs in Colorado. Inpatient treatment involves the patient living at a facility that is fully staffed and offers a wide range of daily treatment including one on one therapy and group therapy with licensed professionals. A very structured daily schedule combined with an intensive treatment regimen are what make inpatient rehab the most effective form of treatment for most people. This form of treatment is so effective because it allows an individual to step away from the life circumstances that were contributing to their drinking and learn effective coping mechanisms and tools before returning to their everyday life. Upon completing an inpatient alcohol rehab program it is typically recommended that the patient transitions to an outpatient program.OUTPATIENT ALCOHOL Rehab Outpatient alcohol rehab is treatment that is done in an office setting during specified days and times while the patient lives either at home or in a sober living environment. While most outpatient programs in Colorado offer a combination of individual and group therapy, they offer much less structure than inpatient programs. Outpatient programs are most effective for those who have just completed an inpatient program or have life circumstances such as children or a job that prevent them from entering inpatient treatment. These programs are run by licensed professionals and typically offer a range of days and times for their patients.IS RECOVERY POSSIBLE?Many people who struggle with alcohol abuse find it hard to imagine a life without alcohol and have resigned themselves to continuing to live their lives drinking and in misery. This does not have to happen, with the proper treatment most people are able to overcome their alcoholism and live happy and productive lives. The key is in finding the right alcohol rehab for you. Sober Times has staff available 24-hours a day to help you through this difficult and confusing process to make sure that you or your loved one find the right Colorado drug rehab.