So, it happened yet again. Another Alaska reality show has drawn us in just like the fish in their net pulled from the cold Alaska waters only to discover that things may not be as they seem. Maybe those fish aren’t real either? Who knows?

The Internet is popping with disgruntled fans who feel that they have been betrayed by “Alaskan Bush People” on the Discovery Channel. The network describes them as “a newly discovered family who was born and raised wild.” They sound almost neanderthal, don’t they? There are a lot of people talking about the Browns not really living there on the land but in a lodge. The land, many allege, is not theirs anyway but leased by the network. Billy Brown would’t lie to us, would he? Well, who knows?

Lots of activity on social media is shedding light on what may possibly be anything but a “reality show.” The facts are not in yet on the logistics of the show, but the indictments are in on the family’s alleged falsification of their residency requirements on applications for the yearly payment that Alaskans receive call the PFD. They have an upcoming court date.  Could the situation have just been an oversight or miscalculation of how many days the family was out of state promoting Billy Brown’s book? Who knows?

What is becoming increasingly irrefutable, however, is that the viewer’s idea of reality and the networks’ idea of reality are not the same thing.  In the words of Peter, Paul and Mary:  “Oh, when will they ever learn?”

Who knows?

 You can read more about the whole silly mess here.