Today’s retailers face many challenges that didn’t exist in years past. For example, consumer behaviors have changed thanks to social networks and mobile devices. Meanwhile, huge retailers such as Amazon and eBay have smaller retailers scratching their heads wondering how they can possibly keep up. Retailers need to keep pace with consumers as well as compete with the likes of Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. The answer lies in large part with agility.

Retailers Willing to Take Risks

According to SAP, today’s retailers recognize the need to be agile, responsive, and willing to take risks. They must also learn from those risks and adapt quickly. SAP HANA helps these retailers simplify their businesses — a must in today’s fast-paced, consumer-driven environment. SAP HANA’s simplification extends to big data.

First, SAP HANA makes it easier for retailers to manage their complex and large databases at a lower cost. It’s not just management though, SAP HANA helps them to make sense of all that data by delivering real-time insights. This allows retailers to learn more about their customers and use that information in context to make smarter decisions. SAP HANA in conjunction with SAP Customer Activity Repository simplifies IT while also delivering insights, speed, and agility to retailers.

Cloud-Based Solutions Deploy Solutions Faster

Cloud-based solutions add another advantage: the ability to deploy their solutions faster. Once decisions have been made, they can be deployed faster. Smaller retailers using cloud-based solutions can move more quickly, allowing them to keep up with the competition.

According to Dolphin, “The promise of big data applications, even combined with the seemingly endless performance capabilities of SAP HANA, does not negate the reality that turning massive amounts of data into insightful, real-time intelligence requires a sound data management infrastructure.”

In order to make sense of the data, it’s important to:

  • Incorporate near line storage with data archiving capabilities
  • Convert the business warehouse data model into a lean and flexible one capable of delivering agile reporting without increasing administrative overhead.

Retailers entering the Big Data era have enormous challenges, but not insurmountable ones. Dolphin provides business performance improvement advantages with SAP HANA.

Video: Retail and Technology, What Retailers Must Do Today

Leagh Turner, COO of SAP Canada, discusses challenges facing the retail industry and things retailer must do to adapt to the evolving retail industry.


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