All puppies are cute, but some breeds have that extra je ne sais quoi that makes them irresistible. This finding suggests that viewing cute images makes participants behave more deliberately and perform tasks with greater time and care. We encourage visitors to browse our puppy picture archives to look at all the adorable photos of past daily puppies, and to bookmark this page Funny Dog Photos and visit often to see what cutie-pie graces the front page. We think the jack russel terrier should be on the list because it is cute it stays small and can adapt to its environment. But somehow they manage it. Crazy pet lovers always search these types of pictures and collect them. Just like there’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s, there’s also no wrong way to celebrate National Puppy Day.

Rhodesian ridgeback puppies are active little creatures, in both body and mind, and our next two Pictures of dogs and puppies show baby puppies ruminating over and processing the many new experiences they’ve had. We clipped out the dog photos and superimposed them over a dirt image and added the helmets and lighting effects. The biggest complaint we receive is the amount of time it takes to print and ship our books. There is no joke when your favorite dog suffers from flea attack, but Revolution for Dogs tube can handle it easy.

In a study published in the journal, psychological scientists demonstrated that cute pictures of baby animals, including puppies and kittens, can have powerful effects on attention and concentration. In this case, we took an ordinary picture of a dog lying on the floor, clipped out the dog, superimposed the cape and mask and created a flying superhero dog scene using a bird’s eye view of NYC and a cloud image. Take a look at the funniest crazy dog photos on our web-site and for sure they will put a smile on your face! Photographer Jessica Trinh‘s beautiful dog portraits are even sweeter than your average puppy pic. For more information, please visit our site http://puppy–