What happened after the CBSE and ICSE results for junior college were declared?

Amid the regular fan fare and show the toppers of the CBSE and other boards were felicitated. Congratulations to all the toppers as well as those who came out with flying colours. What these news articles show case is the winning formula or the strategy that these toppers used to secure the success.

Often times, they have also made clear their career choices and what they want to become in the future. Guys, your life is pretty much set – as long as you work hard and come out with flying colours in whatever career or field you choose to study in.

All those who passed will take up admissions in various courses that they want to pursue. Here, we look at a stream or field of study that is not a choice of many yet is as rewarding and satisfying a career as anything.

Why is it rewarding? You ask.

Well, for many reasons.

1. It is not a commonly chosen stream – not many opt for architecture or B.Arch or M.Arch as they think engineering or science will get them better jobs or simply because their parents want them to go become an engineer. Reminds you of the famous movie 3 idiots don’t it?

2. Admission for architectural colleges are available — In metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai, the colleges offering these courses are really good.

3. It is a making career – by this, what I mean is, an architect makes designs or visualizes how future buildings would look like and how they would be safe and use the resources smartly. It is not the job of those who do not have the skill of imagining and creating new things’

4. The job profession by itself is in demand – in developed as well as developing countries where ever mankind lives and needs houses, offices and other buildings, architects will always be in demand. Even a company that actually builds the houses and buildings requires an architect to sign off on its design to ensure all the safety and security norms have been adhered to.

5. Fees are in a varied range – a Google search of the top colleges for admissions in architecture colleges around Delhi give out a varied range of fees from around 45, 000 per year to 5.5 lakh per year. Depending on your capability, and of course the cut off marks, you can select a college and try to gain as much knowledge as you can

In summary, a field or branch that is very creative and makes you test your skills in making and designing is waiting for you. If you really like to make models or are good at making card sheet paper houses or models of unique building designs, Architecture is your calling.

Pick up your laptops and look up where all you can find these colleges around Delhi and get enrolled to start your career as a successful Architect.