Air Conditioners are used to maintain the temperature, humidity and ventilation in a Building, Vehicle, etc. In extremely hot and humid climate, the air conditioners are the best choice for one to make themselves cool to the condition. The air conditioners alter the properties of the air and make them cool by some refrigeration principles. The air conditioners must be properly maintained for their proper functioning. There are two main types of air conditioners available, the window type and split AC. The window type is little cheaper, and also it is easy to install. Whereas the split AC are not economical, but they provide high comfort and cool condition. Best AC Service in Coimbatore is provided by AB Service.

AC Repair:

The main repair that arises in the AC is due to dirty filters. The dusted filter may restrict the air flow in the conditioner which may make fan motor to work harder. This will inturn sometimes cause the fan motor to burn due to overheating. Air filters are very much cheaper when compared to the cost of the air conditioner. But improper maintenance of the air filter may lead the Air Conditioner to malfunction. The clean air filter may make you save your money.

AC Repair Solutions:

The air conditioner may operate properly, but cooling doesn’t occur in some situations. This is due to the blocks in the air filter. This blocks will make the fan motor to operate at the high rate resulting in the heating up of the motor. Sometimes this may burn or will generate high heat. Thus as sentenced before the proper maintenance of the air filter will increase the lifetime of the Air Conditioner thereby saving our money. Air Conditioner consists of four mechanical parts like compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. Each part must be maintained properly to make Air Conditioner work properly.

Window/Split AC:

Window Air Conditioners are installed in open windows which cool the outcoming air from it and reduces the heat in the outside environment. The Split AC contains two unit, the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. The outdoor unit is installed outside in walls. This contains the compressor, condenser coil and expansion coil or capillary tubing.

Where to get best AC Service in Coimbatore?

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