A Packaged air conditioner is all in one cooling system for homes that do have more room indoors for either furnace, coil or air handler. In packaged air conditioner all the parts are located in one outdoor unit that sits on the side of the building or the roof. Packaged unit come in two different forms: small or large. The type you need depends on the installation requirements or BTU/tonnage. The smaller package unit is easy to install while larger package unit has more installation flexibility. The larger one can locate on the rooftop or slab. The smaller one placed on the plate.

Packaged unit functionalities:

Duel fuel Package System:

The packaged dual fuel system is the best choice if you want the benefit of having a heat pump but the temperatures drop below 25 degrees. The dual fuel system package works by turning on the gas furnace when the temperature gets too cold. Because of this nature, you will use less gas to heat your home, and this reduces the gas bill.

Heat Pumps:

Packaged heat pump consist of a heat pump and an air handler. These heat pumps are goof for residents where temperature drop below freezing. With this package unit, one can get electric cooling.

Air Conditioner Service

Packaged AC:

Packaged AC unit consists of an air conditioner and an air handler. For more comfort and heating capabilities, heat strips can add. If one want all the electric heating and cooling capabilities with best quality, then this unit is the right choice.

Packaged gas system:

The other AC box choice is gas pack. They combine all the benefits air conditioner, coil, and gas furnace.This one will be a great one for gas heating power. If one does not have a lot of space inside the house, then this would be a right choice.


Packaged air conditioner is best all in one heating and cooling system. As all the parts of this system are present in one outside part, servicing this type of air conditioner follows some procedures. If your packaged air conditioner gets a repair that has to maintain at the right place. There is a repair service company called AB Service provide best AC service in Coimbatore at an affordable price. They have quality engineers to repair all types of AC problems at the doorstep. 

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