image taken from @aaronchongklkl instagram of his exploits in Las Vega

taken from @aaronchongklkl instagram of his exploits in Las Vegas

Young Millionaires Overspending

Malaysia’s Entitled Youth Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia –

Today as I got on the bus to make my way to the train station to get to work, I picked up a newspaper with a dreamy picture of the south of france emblazoned on the front page. As I read further it began to become clear that what the article was about was the lifestyles of Jho Low, Aaron Chong and a few other entitled socialites spending over 2 million euros at a nightclub in france(in one night!).

Finding differences between these younger heirs to what appears to be legitimate enterprises of their forefathers is very difficult. Jho Low claims to be someone who gives back to charity, when most of this giving back seems to be within Houston, Texas where he has several business interests and not at home here in Malaysia. He studied in the United States and seems to have an obsession with riches and fame within that country.

Aaron Chong(22 years old) is fortunate enough to be first in line to corporate shares of Tan Chong Motors and on his 21st birthday received a large amount of wealth and ownership within the company via his family and most specifically Ng Mann Chong. He is well known for his entourage full of pretty girls and beefy looking bodyguards. Fortunately for him most of the attention seems to land on Jho Low and his brother but Aaron is a prime example of why the countries rich fail in giving back to it’s citizens.

Malaysia is a beautiful country with vast resources but it should be noted that we need help in a lot of social and economic arenas. Families such as these could do wonders in helping out our next generation and making us an enviable country not only to other bordering neighbors but to first world western societies as well.

This is not a character assassination as I admittedly have not met either of these people in person, often times it is difficult to stomach these reports as we travel to work in 35 degree weather at 6:00am.

What it looks like from an outsider looking in is that the fortunate few in our country have a hard time understanding that charity and giving back is a much more important factor in life, than spraying champagne onto Paris Hilton’s chest. Below is a taste of the revelry and something that our nation could clearly benefit from far greater than a nightclub floor.

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