For a few months I have been researching the connection between the commodity based families of Malaysia and the industry based families of Africa, primarily Nigeria. One very interesting relationship that has surfaced from my studies is the friendship of Tan Chong heir Aaron Chong and Folarin Alakija from Famfa Oil in Nigeria. They have been pictured and rumored to have been spending obscene amounts of money to the point where each of them were temporarily stripped of their spending privileges by their respective families.
Flo as he is fondly known in the nightclub and glitterati scene has a family net worth of over 8 billion USD and Chong family net worth is north of 500 million USD. So the ever present question arises, where did these two meet and why is it that they don’t seem to care about spending more money than people acquire in a lifetime over a few nights party in the south of spain/france/italy.

Aaron’s direct family contacts with several parliament members in Malaysia mean that he isn’t widely criticized in his native land because of the power that they hold within the establishment. So the rumors of excessive partying, womanizing and everything that comes along with that remain just that, rumors because they are essentially off limits for print. Our nigerian counterpart Folarin manages to fly under the radar but not to the same extent.

He is known to hand birkins to his women as if he is giving them a ten cent candy and spending millions of dollars in a month on indulgence is not out of the ordinary.

…….see the full article by subscribing to my blog and or reading my article for the dailybeast. Feature attached are three photos taken from Aaron’s recently closed instagram page. @aaroncklkl where he claimed to be an avid sports bettor and regular high limit online blackjack and baccarat player