No matter where you live or in what society you have grown up you will always have that keen desire to walk the streets of Paris and savor every part of it. The city of eternal love and romance is a wish list of every human being in this world.

Despite the fact that it is one of the metropolises of the world, it has not lost its uniqueness and warmth. The narrow streets filled with the smell of dozens of “patisseries” and “boulangeries” will stay in every visitors mind for a lifetime. Whether or not you know the French language, you will hear it at every step and at the end of your trip you will get to know some words by heart. Whether or not you are a “gourmand”, you will not miss the opportunity to try out the delicacies of the French cuisine in the traditional French restaurants. So if you have that one chance to visit Paris and discover all its peculiarities be sure to cover all its sites and landmarks.

Paris is not Paris without its main symbol, the Tour Eiffel. Despite the fact that for all Frenchman it has become a commonplace, for the tourists it will never lose its beauty and attractiveness. Thus, even in case of a one day in Paris trip, do your best to see or even reach the top the Eiffel.

If you are a lover of endless walks through crowdy and active streets Champs Elysee’s is surely the best place. Filled with luxury cafes, restaurants and boutiques, it is the beloved site for everyone despite the taste or culture.

But if you want to feel the real Paris not just the tourist attractions, consider the tiny cozy streets of it. One of them is Rue Vieille Du Temple, which is great for shopping and walking. Another one is Rue De La Roquette which is the best if you want to have a night out, to drink a glass of wine or taste various cuisines.

And finally, if you are an art lover Paris is the perfect place to discover all the masterpieces of different cultures. Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, Musee du Quai Brany, Musee de Roden will help you quench your thirst for the art. 

So, from my own experience  try to get the most of your trip to the city of love Paris.