Are you planning on buying a ring for your better half? If yes, then first of all congratulations! Engagement is a very special day for the bride and the bridegroom. You not only exchange rings but also your memento of love.

Engagement rings come in various designs and it can be difficult to commit oneself to one design. Here’s a simple guide to choosing an engagement ring.

Before you even start to look for jewelry, there are two things you need to decide, one is budget and the other is his/her ring size. After knowing these things, you can go ahead and follow these guidelines:

1. Select the main gemstone

There are various gemstones available such as Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Tanzanite, etc.. You can select them according to the color you think he/she might like. Diamond and sapphire being the hardest gemstone, are a great choice since their luster will remain intact with time. All the gemstones are comparatively less expensive than the diamond, hence you can buy a bigger center stone for the same budget.

2. Select a shape

The most common shapes available for the center stone are round-cut, asscher-cut, cushion-cut, emerald cut, heart shaped, marquise cut, oval cut, pear shape, princess cut and radiant cut.

Round cut is the most popular cut for the center stone, but you can go for other different cuts too, just to add uniqueness to your ring. Note that a round cut diamond is more expensive than other shapes since a diamond sparkles more if it’s shape is round. On the other hand, you can save a lot, just by choosing a non-round cut for your center stone. It’s up to you to decide which shape is the best for you.

3.Choosing the ring style

You will have to determine, would you like a detailed and antique style or sleek and modern. You should look for things around them which will help you figure out their style, like their dress, and choices in art and furniture.

Halo rings and especially the round halo engagement rings are very popular. A halo ring setting encircles the center stone with pave diamonds which makes the ring appear bigger, brighter and adds royalty to its looks.

You should go to the store that provides exchange 30 day return period, just in case your better half didn’t like the ring.

4.Selection of engraving metal

The most popular choices for engagement metals are sterling silver, platinum, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Platinum costs 50% more than white gold, so you can decide, keeping in mind what you can spend on the ring metal. Note that Platinum is much dense than gold and hence will feel heavier. Since white gold is usually plated with rhodium, it makes the white gold more white than Platinum.

5.Buying Antique Jewelry

It is not hard to figure out if your mate is an admirer of vintage and antique stuff. Notice the kind of movies or books they like. For some women, antique jewelry is more romantic. And a surprise part is, they generally cost less than other styles of similar specifications.

6.Going custom

If you think the varieties shown in the store are missing on something and you need to add a personal touch that will make it perfect, you can go for a custom made design and tell the store what you need. Most stores allow you to create a customized design for no additional cost. This will not only make the ring unique but also will make your love feel special.

I hope these simple guidelines will help you in buying the best engagement ring for your partner.