How often do you visit to your nearest salon for waxing, sometimes you feel lazy, sometimes you are just not in a mood to move out. So we all need an easy solution for our problems, especially when you are a lady. Hair is an issue for us and nobody wants to look hairy or just set a limit to their freedom. Sometimes we want to wear short party dress, sometimes we want to visit to sea beaches and that is how & where we need an easy solution for our problems. Was there a situation that suddenly your friends made a plan and you wanted to wear your sleeveless dress so badly but you just couldn’t so, for the situations like these we created an amazing solution that is Feather touch hair removal cream.

Now, there might be other types of problems like skin irritation, sensitivity and burns etc. so we thought we should only come up with products that are rich in natural ingredients and are suitable for all skin types like, from normal to oily, oily to dry and dry to sensitive. We have products which are rich with rose extracts, sandalwood, lime and lemon, aloe Vera, saffron and honey. All these have own beauty essentials and a natural phenomenon which causes a great skin hydration and beauty.

Of we analyse the market we will see that the products for hair removal creams are coming up with new innovative ideas to lure their customers. But the idea is same to make life convenient for the women. Our focus is to empower women in many ways but we would like to start it from our end first through our products. Our products have goodness of all the natural ingredients like aloe- Vera which gives, hydration and soothes you skin. The richness of honey which has skin smoothening qualities and also the beauty of rose for your skin.

Not only the bottles but we also have travel packs for women who love travelling. The problem to look for a salon in an unknown city is very hectic and to make it simpler for you we introduced these small packs for you. Now as we know the competition in the market we need to have an effective tool for it too that’s how we do celebrity endorsement, we collaborated with Sunny leone for promoting Feather touch hair removal creams in the market. We totally understand her strong presence in the market and how influential it will be. VI-John in itself is a well-established and a renowned market brand but introducing the women essentials and entering that market was always a challenging task, so we approached many ways through which the brand will get awareness in the market. We approach audiences through social media, advertisements, events, endorsements etc. in order to make its presence in the market strong.

We also bought our products online in order to make its access and reach possible for the customers. So we launched our website and also made our products available on amazon, flipkart, snapdeal etc. You choose your order and add it to the cart and it will be delivered to your doorstep on the given address during the earliest possible time.