On this highway of life sometimes it’s better to stop.

A job is something that you do for a while that you may or may not like. A post though is a lifetime commitment that you learn from and eventually excel at. The field that you choose to dedicate your life too can, at times, be almost impossible to break into. Rejection emails, or interviews that went fantastic, but didn’t lead to being selected have taken up most of my time since I graduated six years ago. Granted being a journalist is not one of the most ever expanding fields, but print media is evolving. I know that my post is out there and I just have to keep at it.

For others though bad luck, not being in the right locale, think small town versus big city, or not having the right connections can torpedo their chances. So what can you do when the once thought possible seems almost impossible?

  1. Take a break…no really you should: Life is a game of chance. Sometimes you need to take a time out. The hunt can drive people up a wall with frustration. Remember the universe is full of opportunities. Not being selected for that post that you so desperately wanted is a bummer, but there’s always something better, trust me.
  2. Universal magic: Being passed over can be a boon as you never know what the future holds. Awhile back I applied for a writing post. Needless to say I was rejected. However, the company that I thought would be awesome to work for had to shutter its doors less than two years later.
  3. Your post is not all of you: Yes you read that correctly. Emily the reporter is only a small part of Emily the nerdy book worm who loves to sing, dance, revel in theater and kick it as a tourist.
  4. Grow yourself: Art, poetry, and piano playing are some of my long forgotten gifts that I have neglected. The other night I spent almost two hours sight reading and playing and that made all the difference in my attitude. Just imagine if I dedicated two hours each night. The possibilities are endless.
  5. Think positive: It is acceptable and even an advantage to take a huddle, but don’t become bogged down with apathy, frustration, or anger. If you fail it’s because you, and not the negativity in your life, quit permanently. After your breather get back on that road.


Remember that pit stops are just short and temporary setbacks to your ultimate destination.

Picture courtesy of Buddha’s Birthday in Seoul, South Korea- May 2010.