First of all, I know that that there’s no real definitive way to answer this question so I’m just going to tell you some of the best ways I believe that I feel are the better ways of achieving brand, Product and service awareness. As well as some common misconceptions about promotion.

Many businesses still operate under any publicity is good publicity which is often the case when analysing the trend between news coverage and consumerism for artists and singers who have recently been deceased. However, not all news coverage is good for revenue as blatantly depicted by Tesco’s steep decline in sales during June 2013 after a shocking discovery of traces of horse meat were detected.

Mistakes are often made by businesses who are promoting their product or services as they often promote them in over saturated markets such as TV where an increasing number of people fast forward through the Ads or mute them. Thousands of companies are searching for a new area to advertise such on YouTube which is great! In fact, if you start working with an SEO agency, they will look at delving into YouTube advertising, because it is great exposure. However, what is smaller businesses who can’t afford the extreme prices enforced by YouTube to advertise? Well, to be honest, there’s not much you can do. But I have devised a few ways to sneakily promote your product just as well as other businesses at a quarter of the cost.

One way to do so is to offer a YouTube Channel that is orientated around your target audience to sponsor them to produce a video about your product or service in a fun and creative way by doing so you can directly target your market segment as well as claw back some money that you would’ve spent on promotion and spend it on improving your business. Disappointingly, this may have some serious repercussions for your business if the channel or YouTuber misleads the audience or misinterprets your product when promoting it. Also, the YouTuber may be labelled negatively in the future and due to their association with the individual your brand might be labelled as similar.

Alternatively, giving away one of your products in a competition may be even cheaper as it’ll only cost the item. But promotion, in order to raise awareness for the competition, will also need to be established which in turn will cost money. Whether or not to construct a competition will also cost you time to establish the event as well as what would be appropriate to give away.

To conclude, the best way to identify yourself as a business in a market might not always be the most expensive or obvious way so in order to get your business recognised, be creative! Cater for your audience and don’t be afraid to experiment with different promotion methods. As the saying goes don’t keep all your eggs in one basket”. If you lack creativity in video marketing and feel you need some support with it all. There are several other options for you. You could hire a digital marketing agency to do the work for you, get some close friends to help you create viral content or even film everything hoping for a random event to happen. Either way, you will need to perform research on your viewers. By looking at your YouTube statistics, you will be able to see the analytics which in turn will help you see your most valuable content.